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Beautiful Handwoven Rugs

Unique oriental rugs are handwoven using techniques that originated in Pakistan and nearby regions.

Woven as tapestries, these floor coverings typically have brightly dyed fibers woven into geometric patterns.

Larger rugs are used to protect underlying flooring in a variety of buildings while smaller ones are often rolled and carried from place to place.

oriental  rugs are an element in many individual’s homes to use during prayer but are also vital for providing an attractive décor while keeping floors warm.

The weaving technique used in these floor coverings is extremely tight to make a flat rug without a high pile.

Making Essential Repairs

Drying a rug quickly is necessary to prevent fibers from shrinking or developing mildew odors.

The oriental  rug should remain in a frame as air is blown against and through it to dry the fibers as fast as possible.

This technique prevents the rug from changing shape as it dries.

Our oriental  rug cleaning experts can in Brooklyn NY inspect the rug during this time to see if the item requires repair such as fixing loose threads or repairing the floor covering’s backing material.

Caring for your oriental  rug is essential to remove debris and stains from the fibers.

Only a professional oriental  rug cleaning business like ours located in Brooklyn NYC understands the proper way to sanitize these floor coverings to prevent fiber shrinkage and fading.

Never trust your fiber floor coverings to anyone else but us because our business has the specialized equipment necessary to inspect, dust and clean handwoven rugs by hand before drying the item carefully.

We are always available to schedule an appointment on-site to provide information and quotes concerning our services.

For busy customers, we offer free pick up and delivery.

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    Organic Green Area Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

    More and more residents of Brooklyn have taken time in recent years to learn about the dangers of some common chemicals used in home cleaning products.

    Some of these products may be damaging to the environment, and they may pose a health risk to your family and pets.

    Some have even had an EPA warning issued about them. Many local residents have made an effort to switch to organic or even homemade cleaning methods in order to clean their home in a healthier way.

    Cleaning your home is a necessity if you want to remove allergens, bacteria and more.

    However, you don’t want to remove these items from your home by exposing your family and pets to other harmful substances. When you need your home’s silk area rugs deep cleaned, consider taking an organic approach with this service as well. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning offers organic green silk area rug cleaning Brooklyn.

    Why Deep Cleaning Services Are Needed

    Many Brooklyn residents who own a fine silk rug will regularly clean it by sweeping it or lightly vacuuming it.

    This effort removes debris from the top of the rug.

    However, these rugs can show signs of tread wear through traffic patterns on the rug, and they can also become spotted. Further, they can accumulate allergens and bacteria at a deeper level.

    Deep cleaning an area rug is a necessity into order to improve the cleanliness of the rug.

    This will make your home look cleaner and will create a healthier environment for your family to live in.

    The Organic Cleaning Process

    As with cleaning the rest of your home, you do have the choice to clean area rugs with harsh cleaning products or through an organic cleaning process.

    Green Choice Carpet Cleaning offers an green silk area rug cleaning methods, and this service allows you to enjoy the benefits of deep cleaning your area silk area rugs without the use of chemicals.

    Cleaning silk rugs should be done with great care, as these rugs are delicate and prone to damage when exposed to certain cleaning products, too much water and more.

    The organic process available through Green Choice Carpet Cleaning will remove allergens, bacteria, spots and more in a natural way that will not harm the environment, your rug or your home’s residents.

    You can schedule this organic cleaning service through Green Choice Carpet Cleaning today.

    with a call in to the company, a complimentary evaluation of your rug’s cleaning needs will be scheduled.

    Special Care Must Used With Silk Rugs

    Silk area rugs are most commonly Oriental in style, hand woven using a variety of colors into an intricate pattern.

    Other types of silk rugs include Dhurrie rugs from India, which have very bright colors.

    A Dhurrie rug has no back and is very stiff to the touch. Other areas of production for silk rugs include Iran, Turkey, Kashmir and Persia.

    Historically, silk rugs have existed since approximately 2600 BC and were usually restricted to royalty or the wealthiest members of society due to the cost of hand-weaving silk into complicated patterns to create the rug.

    Silk rugs are beautiful and can be a lovely accessory for any home but due to the delicate nature of the silk, taking care of and cleaning the rug properly are very important.

    It is very important to note that a silk rug cannot simply be cleaned with some spot cleaner and a rag, as silk damages easily and can lose color, strength and can even yellow or develop color ringing if cleaned improperly. Once damaged, it is very difficult to restore a silk rug to its original appearance.

    Special Care Must Used With Silk Rugs

    Most commercially available rug cleaning products will damage silk rugs because of the oxiding agents, acids and bases used to create the cleaning product.

    These chemicals can cause the silk to lose color, turn yellow through bleaching or even dissolve the carpet strands.

    Do not attempt to clean a silk rug using commercial cleaning products.

    In fact, owners of a silk rug should never try to clean a silk area rug on their own because the proper cleaning process requires quite a bit of skill and experience.

    Instead, contact Green Choice Carpet Cleaning in Brooklyn for assistance.

    Free Rug Pick Up and Delivery

    Our professional team can come pick up the rug at the residence and transport it to our facilities, where a skilled staff will professionally clean the rug using the correct cleaning techniques for a silk rug.

    This requires a balance of just enough water, steam and detergent to remove stains, odors and dirt and restore the carpet to its original appearance.

    When the carpet is cleaned and dried, our team will bring the carpet back to the residence at no cost.

    Note that silk area rugs do not belong in high traffic areas of the home and any liquids and food kept away from the rug to help prevent damage to the carpet.

    When damage does occur, call Green Choice Carpet Cleaners first to have the silk area rug professionally cleaned and looking as good as new.

    Do You Want to Protect

    Professional Silk Area Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

    Silk is perhaps one of the finest materials that is used in home decor.

    Many homes make use of silk pillows and drapes as decorative features, and some of the most finely decorated homes in the Brooklyn area also have silk area rugs across the floors.

    This material is soft and radiant, and you can find area rugs in a wide range of colors, styles and sizes.

    However, it can be difficult to maintain over time.

    Many experts advise placing silk area rugs in a less-trafficked area of the home to extend their life and reduce the maintenance and upkeep required of them.

    However, even rugs that are placed in low-traffic areas of the home will require professional silk area rug cleaning Brooklyn every year or two.

    Why This Service is Needed

    If an area rug is tread upon regularly, ground-in dirt will cause traffic patterns to appear on the rug. This can make a rug look dirty and aged.

    Stains and spots may appear on the rug as well.

    Even when a rug is placed in an area of the home that is seldom used, dust, bacteria and more can fall onto the rug naturally with time, and these can make your rug physically dirty.

    Vacuuming a rug will be ineffective at removing many of these particles, and your silk area rug will simply become more dirty as time passes.

    Professionally cleaning your area rug is the best way to remove these particles as well as traffic patterns across the rug.

    Attempting to steam clean the rug on your own is not recommended.

    Factors like harsh chemicals, using too much water or water that is too hot and more can cause damage to the rug.

    The cleaning process must be following precisely in order to enjoy the desired results and avoid damage to the rug.

    The Best Choice

    Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is your best choice for silk area rug cleaning Brooklyn.

    Green Choice Carpet Cleaning takes a personalized and green approach to cleaning your area rug.

    Each rug will be inspected in its place in your home before the cleaning process begins, and you will benefit from a free quote for services during this review process.

    The company offers free rug pickup and delivery, and this can be scheduled the same day as your in-home inspection in many cases.

    All area rugs cleaned by Green Choice Carpet Cleaning are cleaned using a green cleaning process that makes use of natural ingredients.

    Silk area rugs are given the utmost attention to ensure the best results possible.

    If your silk area rugs needs to be professionally cleaned today, contact Green Choice Carpet Cleaning to schedule a professional deep cleaning service today.

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